The Cynicist’s 2017 October Horror Movie Challenge

I make it a point to cram in as many horror movies as possible through the month of October, so I offer the same to you. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite horror/horror comedy movies if you need guidance or if you’re just looking for some new stuff to watch. Otherwise feel free to watch whatever you damn well please or mix and match what I’ve listed and what you enjoy. The asterisk dates are double feature nights!

*October 1st – Insidious 1 & 2

October 2nd – The Thing – John Carpenter version

October 3rd – Drag me to Hell

October 4th – Grave Encounters

October 5th – The Grudge – Pick your poison; U.S. or Japanese version

*October 6th – Beetlejuice & Ghostbusters (if you have to ask which version you should be disappointed in yourself)

*October 7th – Evil Dead 2 & Army of Darkness

October 8th – Ginger Snaps

October 9th – Re-Animator

October 10th – The Faculty

October 11th – The Blob (1988)

October 12th – The Autopsy of Jane Doe

*October 13th – Friday the 13th – Pick your poisons (Come on, it’s Friday the 13th in October)

*October 14th – Shaun of the Dead & Zombieland

October 15th – The Host (Korean film; not the Stephenie Meyer book-to-movie)

October 16th – Jeepers Creepers

October 17th – The Descent

October 18th – 1408

October 19th – Pandorum

*October 20th – Club Dread & Idle Hands

*October 21st – Slither & Tremors

*October 22nd – Saw 1 & 2

October 23rd – The Hills Have Eyes – pick your poison

October 24th – As Above, So Below

October 25th – It Follows

October 26th – Silent Hill

*October 27th – Tucker and Dale vs. Evil & Cabin in the Woods

*October 28th – Return of the Living Dead Pt. 1 & 2

October 29th – A Nightmare on Elm Street

October 30th – Scream

*October 31st – Trick ‘r Treat & Halloween – Pick your poison


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